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Croquet/Earth Day/Paca House - The Downtown Annapolis Blog

Date: The Downtown Annapolis blog, Chrissy Fitzgerald


Just wanted to write a little update on the past week since it's been busier than normal for me!

First things first- croquet. It was raining all day (for the first time in years) so I wasn't sure what the turnout would be. We had a drink at Galway then headed over.

My phone promptly died so I didn't take any pictures. So sad.

I wore a kelly green lace dress (a cross between this one and this one, though not QUITE as fancy) but kept my trench on the whole time- it was so cold. Regardless, I really enjoyed the day and thought the rain and umbrellas (and champagne) added to the ambiance. It felt very "English countryside" this year.

St John's won 3-2 and we stayed til the bitter end to witness the game-winning play. 

For croquet pictures, check out Glenn Miller's album here, or Sarah Culver's album from years past.

The next day, there was an Earth Day Festival on Maryland Avenue. I worked at least 10 festivals while we had our shop so it was so nice to just be a normal person this time around. 

I ran into lots of old friends, met two new business owners on the Avenue (Bear of Bear's Honeypot and Lisa of Barefoot Dwelling), and stayed for the flamenco dancing and cute teens in School of Rock.

All in all, a very downtown weekend. 

In addition, I just accepted a new job, resigned from my old job, and have started lifting weights and running, so it's been hectic trying to balance all that. I really want a routine again. 

Then this morning, I got an impromptu tour of the Paca House from Pandora Hess, the curator of their collections. 

Paca House (rhymes with "Take-a"- pronunciation gleaned from its use in a gentleman's poem from the 1700's) is right down the street from me, but I've never been inside. 

I share mutual friends with Pandora- I mainly reached out to find out about events, and ended up getting a long private tour. No complaints.

She studied art history at Oxford, has a British accent, and knows EVERYTHING about historic Annapolis. I love it

As far as upcoming events, these were recommended:

May 13 / 14- Garden Plant Sale (grown on site)

May 18- Nooks and Crannies Tour

May 21- Sparkling Spring Tea Party

June 21- Paca Girlfriends' Flower Power Party (tickets go on sale May 1 at 9am and sell out within a couple hours.)


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