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Office of the President and CEO

Robert Clark 
President and CEO
Phone: 410.990.4708

Natalie Miller
Executive Assistant
Phone: 443.221.6994

Development and Marketing

Carrie Kiewitt
Senior Vice President, Membership, Communications & Engagement
Phone: 410.626.1033

Kaelynn Bedsworth
Development Associate
Phone: 443.221.6997

Ginny Hockey
Weddings and Special Events Director
Phone: 410.990.4538

Special Events Facilitators:

Margaret Dunlap
Dawn Lafey
Alicia Moran
Wendy Rhule
Madeleine Toomey
Nakia Smith
Patricia Strain
Damon White

Education and Interpretation

Mary-Angela Hardwick
Vice President, Education & Interpretation
Phone: 410.990.4781

Glenn Campbell
Senior Historian
Phone: 410.990.4715

Cara Garside
Education Assistant

Janet Hall
Visitor Services Manager
Phone: 410.990.4514

Nannetta Hall
Education Coordinator

Robin Matty
Curator of Collections
Phone: 443.221.6962

Joe McCarthy
Phone: 443.221.6968

Patricia Soehnlein
Phone: 443.221.6968

Margaret Radford
Lead Visitor Services Associate
Phone: 443.221.6964

Visitor Services Associates:

Sarah Butters
Cara Garside (Education Assistant)
Pamela Gratton
Danielle Herbst (Education Assistant)
Lillian Niall
Rose Stevens

Finance and Human Resources 

Lucy Mikhailova
Senior Vice President, Finance
Phone: 410.990.4512

Margaret Acquarulo
Accounting Assistant

Preservation and Horticulture

Karen Brown
Senior Vice President, Preservation
Phone: 410.990.4513

Michael K. Day
Senior Vice President, Capital Projects
Phone: 443.221.6979

Carolyn Currin
Preservation & Education Assistant
Phone: 443.221.6994

Ben Cornwell
Phone: 443.221.6976

Joe Kuchuk
Facilities & Grounds Manager
Phone: 443.221.6977 


Lisa Wilson
Retail Manager
Phone: 410.990.4783

Tree Marr
Assistant Retail Manager
Phone: 410.267.6656

Meredith Odom
Assistant Retail Manager
Phone: 410.267.6656

Retail Associates:

Sara Aud
Robin Flounlacker
Christine Poulsen
Tami Power
Natalia Samson
Jensin Sommer
Hope Stewart
Diana Tobin
Lucy White